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The family of Emery Skye NEEDS justice
Hi, I am Emery Skye. I was born 5.5 weeks early because two people broke into my mommies apartment and robbed her. I’m not sure why they did that. Don’t they know she was getting everything set up for me to come home soon? They shot her, the bullet almost hit me. Thankfully the EMS got there quickly. My mommy survived. She has lots and lots of staples on her tummy. Thanks to St. David’s Hospital I lived too. I heard my mommy and grandma say how perfect I am. But every time the doctor comes in I can hear my mommy cry. He says my brain has no activity. Something about the bullet caused my brain to have no oxygen. They say I will never be able to open my eyes or do anything at all. I’m sorry mommy, I really am trying. I don’t know why those people did this to us. Why they’d hurt me or my mommy. But today a man named Jesus told me he was going to make me all better, said I would be one of his angels. I would be able to watch over my mommy and my entire family. Im so excited. I am never going to leave my mommy’s side. I can see now, I see my mommy. She is so beautiful but she is crying, everyone is crying. I can see a baby in a white dress. I think she’s sleeping. Oh... I think she’s me.

The man and women who did this have been arrested. The family of Emery Skye NEEDS justice. Their arrest is just the beginning.
Credits: Frankie Villarreal
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I think this is of utmost importance. Some kid playing a guitar ot videos of cats should not outshine this story.
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Sep 14, 2019