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This Girl is Definitely One of the Strongest
This is the story of my journey that was just recently updated! My mom and I wrote this awhile back when I was trying to get this to Ellen DeGeneres to create more AWARENESS for my original Make A Wish. Unfortunately Ellen does not participate in Make A Wish I am hopeful that maybe one day my story will reach her! Not only do we love Ellen but she also has one of the biggest platforms to share my story on and has such a big heart!♥️

Regardless, I have decided that I would love to share this with all of you so you can better understand this horrific illness and to also help others along the way

PS. As you scroll down the page you will have the option to click on some of my videos. I want to warn you though, these videos are not the easiest to watch so feel free to skip if need be... please SHARE!
Story : Here

Credits: Kylie Allen-Kulyk
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