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Are You Ready to Hear the Sweetest Story Behind This Photo and to Just Melt?
"Ok, are you ready to hear the SWEETEST story behind this photo and to just melt? This is my son, Hayes and his best friend, Holly! These two have been best friends for over a year now after meeting in preschool last year. ⁠⠀
Holly calls Hayes her prince and Hayes calls Holly his future wife. They do have little side bar conversations about their future wedding plans during play dates. No kidding! Holly would like to get married at the ripe old age of 10, Hayes prefers 41. They've worked out some of the details already; Holly insists on unicorns while Hayes just want to make sure he has a ring for Holly!⁠⠀
Over the past year, Holly's mom and I have become close friends and thought it would be super cute for these two to have a "best friends" photo shoot! Complete with a first look, mind you! Ha! They were so excited to get dressed up and to do what best friends do! Laugh, play, run, dance! ⁠⠀
I love that we could do this for them! I hope that as the years pass, they'll always be best friends and be able to look back on the special moments they shared! I loved bottling up this innocence for just a little while. ⁠⠀
Can't wait to share more from this precious session!⁠⠀

Venue ~ Great Marsh Estate
Florals ~ Sarena Floral Designs"

Credits: Candice Adelle Photography
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