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Let This Little Girl Meet Her Favorite Super Hero- SpiderMan
Dear whom it may concern I need your help! I’m not sure if you can help or just wouldn’t want to but I’m a mom who is desperate to make her daughters dream come true. My daughter Karah is 5 years old, autistic and the BIGGEST Spider-Man fan out there! She stared her obsession at the age of 2. It was shortly after Avengers: Civil War came out. She was told to pick out a soccer ball and she picked Spider-Man. From there her love for him has just grown. She has several Spider-Man toys alone with clothes and pajamas now. When I told her I was taking her to the new movie she asked me if @tomholland2013 was going to be there. I told her no he wasn’t. She broke down into tears crying .I didn’t now what to do. She just kept saying how she wanted to meet #Spiderman ...I told her I would find a way to make it happen for her. So I took to Instagram. We have over 4000 comments of tagging Tom and anyone close to him trying to grab his attention. However I doubt she will ever get to meet him, so I’m settling....If I just KNEW that Tom knew about Karah and how much he loved her I would be happy! I know there is likely no way that she’ll ever get to meet him, so as long as I knew that Tom Holland knew about her and how much she loves him. I would be happy children with autism become absorbed into what their interests are and they can stay like that for YEARS, it’s all she wants to watch, all she wants to play with. My profile picture is the only thing she ever wants to wear. So please hear my plea and help us out! Thank you. https://www.instagram.com/p/By81TlglDwn/… (Link to my original post on Instagram)

Credits: Macie McReynolds
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