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Life is so unfair sometimes.
“My beautiful baby girl would have been 27 years old today.
Life is so unfair sometimes.
She should be here celebrating her special day.”

Sandra Burke Chesterman posted this about her daughter Kristina today.

Kristina was a nursing student at Chico State.
It was her dream to help others.
But in 2013 she was hit and killed by a drunk driver while she was out riding her bike.

tonight Kristina's mom is asking people to do something kind to remember her daughter.

Here’s the rest of what Sandra posted:

Tonight we will gather as a family and share stories about our beautiful Kristina, we’ll laugh and we’ll cry and we’ll feel the emptiness of the one vacant chair at the table where Kristina used to sit.

Every year I wonder if it will ever get easier and I’m realizing now that the hole in my heart remains the same as it did on the first birthday that we had without her.

I’m thankful that as a family we are so close and that we support each other every day but especially on these harder days.

It sucks to see the pain in their eyes knowing that I can’t fix this for them.

We have been blessed with such loving communities in Livermore and in Chico.

Kristina lives on in the hearts of so many and this brings me comfort beyond measure. She truly was a gift.

In honor of Kristina today, please do something nice for someone.

It doesn’t have to be anything big.
Hold the door for someone or give a compliment to a stranger, anything kind.

This is how Kristina was.
She made me proud every day.

Please hug your loved ones a little tighter today.

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credits:Sandra Burke Chesterman
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