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My Mom Is the Best Mom Ever Because She Is Part of My Love
My Mom is the best MOM ever because she is part of my love, part of my strength, part of my winning, a part who direct me to the right path to proceed.

She is my teacher, my nurse and counselor to me when I was a kid. When I am older, she's my chauffeur, my cook and even my best friend!!

We laughed, we cried, we smiled, we've shared so many things together.

She gave the gift of life to me. I have realized how fortunate I am to have a Supermum like her. She is just like an octopus with eight legs or maybe even more. She's always giving her very best to do everything for me and will never say NO.

My mum is my superhero because she has the ' Never Say Die ' attitude. I'm indeed very blessed to have a wonderful , loving and beautiful mother. In my eyes, she is the best and most powerful mum in the whole entire world! No words can express how much she meant to me. No one can replace her in my heart and life. Without her love, guidance and support, I won't be where I'm today.

She always make sure I'm taken care of, nursed me through illness and stood by me on bad and good times.

I want to thank her for everything she have given to me. I still want to be her child in my next life and for now it's my duty and my turn to take care of her till the rest of her life. I pray for her to have a healthy life and happiness.

credits:Charisse Espinoza
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