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It's Disgusting. The People in Washington Should Be Ashamed of Themselves.
“We shouldn’t be second guessing whether or not we can afford a birthday party for Daddy’s little girl this weekend.”
(That's her in the 2nd picture)

Unfortunately because of the government shutdown that's exactly what Amanda Groves Antonio and her husband are doing.

Will they have the money?
When will they get paid again?
What do they tell their daughter?
Here’s what Amanda wrote me:

My husband is one of the 800,000 federal workers affected by the government shutdown.

He is employed by Customs and Border Protection.
This isn’t just some job that he can leave and find another.
He loves his job.
We rely on his job.
This job is his career.

My husbands hard work at his job has paid for our wedding, bought our house, bought our vehicles, and supported our family as it grew from 2 to 5.
This job is our ONLY source of income.

My husband still puts on his uniform and his duty belt every day and kisses us goodbye.
He goes to work and not only does his job but he does it well, to the best of his abilities every… single…. day.
He is there to serve his country and support his family.
The big difference is that this year, he has yet to be paid for that service.

So here we are, 3 weeks in to the new year and instead of planning my daughters 5th birthday party, we are cutting costs wherever we can just to make sure that our bills are paid.
We are treading water, just trying to stay afloat until those paychecks come through, whenever that will be.

That is the hardest part, the not knowing.
It’s checking the news constantly every day and every night when nothing changes, feeling like it’s getting a little harder to breath.

It’s the stress that I see my husband carry with him to work every day because, not by any fault of his own, he isn’t sure if he will be able to take care of us.

Our government is holding us hostage and we have no idea for how long.
We are just expected to be ok

We shouldn’t be having to call a list of financial institutions to see if they will give us a break on our payment or late fees this month.

We shouldn’t have to be borrowing money to pay off those things that just can’t wait.
We shouldn’t have to be checking the bank account to make sure we can pay for the next grocery trip.
We shouldn’t be second guessing whether or not we can afford a birthday party for Daddy’s little girl this weekend.

But here we are… and we are just 1 of over 800,000.
I can only hope that the politicians in Washington look closely at the second picture of Amanda's beautiful little girl.
She's about to celebrate her 5th birthday.
But her parents aren't sure how they're going to pay for it because of the government shutdown.

It's disgusting.
The people in Washington should be ashamed of themselves.

Day 28
Still no end in sight.
It’s a national disgrace.

credits:Amanda Groves Antonio
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