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The Action My Wife Took Saved Her Life and Words Can’t Express How Proud I Am of Her.
“I ask everyone reading this to remind your loved ones to never delay and go straight to the hospital if they ever experience chest pains or any tightness in the chest.”

Bob Gilbert sent me this about his wife.

She just had a heart attack and what struck me was how seemingly healthy she was.

The action she took that day probably saved her life.
And that's why I wanted to share the story.

Here’s what he wrote:

My wife Maria had a heart attack Tuesday night.

I believe it is important for everyone to know the details of what happened and how this amazing woman saved her own life.
Perhaps this may help save your life one day.

Here is what happened:

I was working in San Francisco for a conference when I received a call from my wife from her hospital bed.

She told me she experienced tightness in her chest late in the evening the night before and she immediately drove herself to the hospital.

The hospital ran tests and her initial EKG and blood test results were normal .

It looked like she perhaps pulled a muscle and was going to be sent home, but the doctor wanted to wait a few hours to monitor her and continue testing.

Those tests confirmed that she did indeed have a heart attack.

This was a head-scratcher given my wife’s age, perfect health, amazing diet, active with yoga, and no family history of heart attacks.

She is the last person I would have expected to have a heart attack.

The next step was to perform a coronary angiogram to determine if there was artery blockage or if it was just inflammation.

Low and behold, it was discovered that my wife had 80% blockage in one of her main arteries!

This shocked her doctor given her perfect health and no family history with artery blockage.

The blockage was not only 80%, but it was also at 2cm, very long so required two stents, overlapped to do the job.

This was especially scary because if she would have decided to not go directly to the hospital and instead write it off and maybe wait until the morning, there is a good chance she would not have survived.

After a successful surgery to remove the blockage, we are expecting a 100% recovery.

The learning here is that no matter what your medical history or family background is-if you feel tightness in your chest, do not delay and go directly to the hospital.

The only thing my wife could have done better is to call 911 immediately.

(Instead) she spent a few minutes to take a quick shower, fix her hair, and change her outfit before driving herself to the hospital, which is only a couple of miles away.
She had to make sure she looked good!

Today, my wife and I celebrate the day when we first started dating, which was 33 years ago.

It is very fitting that we started this journey together by passing notes in class with “I Love U” and to this day, we continue to write that out on a daily basis reminding each other of what we have.

It just happens that literally, her heart is making our bond even stronger.

There are 610,000 heart attack-related deaths each year in the US alone. This accounts for 1/4 of all deaths.

The action my wife took saved her life and words can’t express how proud I am of her.
credits:Bob Gilbert
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