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“i'm Scared. I Haven’t Been Able to Sleep and I'm Restless.”
“I'm scared.
I haven’t been able to sleep and I'm restless.”

Ricky Mena is one of the most dedicated people I know.
For several years now he’s been dressing up as Spiderman and visiting kids who are very sick.

Some of them have ended up dying.
But at least Ricky knows that he was able to make them smile when they didn’t have anything to smile about.

I never post GoFundMe stories.
I just can’t for two reason:
I can’t vouch for them.
And if you do one then everyone else wants you to do their GoFundMe as well.
(And I totally understand that)

Today though I’m making an exception because I know Ricky and I so admire what he does.

Here’s the rest of his post:

For nearly 5 years I have given every part of who I am to the children who stood before the man in this suit.
I've seen a lot and felt even more.

I've done everything in my power to keep all of this going and have sacrificed more than anyone can fathom.

I never saw this ending or even pondered the thought, but here we are facing that outcome as a real possibility.

It's not because there isn’t a demand.
It's not because I can’t do it anymore.
It’s because of something as silly as money.

It’s hard to believe that pieces of paper carry that much weight.

In 5 years, I’ve sold the car I’ve had (twice) to keep this going.

I’ve sold shoes, clothes, sacrificed a salary and have done little to nothing for myself.

I subjected my heart to the most painful sights of children hurting and dying with the goal of easing the burden and sharing the light.

I'm broken beyond repair in a lot of ways because of it, so why fight to keep this going?
For the children.

I can vividly see still shots of thousands smiling through their tears, fears, and pain.

I can still see the thankful look in the eyes of those I’ve held before they've passed.

If I’m being forced to place this suit down, I’m being forced to ignore the young voices calling its name.
That’s a battle I’m not sure I'm ready for.

Dear God, I place this in your hands as I’ve always done.
credits:Ricky Mena
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