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“The Girl Who Used to Be So Confident Was Now Afraid to Even Smile for a Photo.”
“The girl who used to be so confident was now afraid to even smile for a photo.”

Theresa Moniz wrote this about herself.
She has Bell’s palsy.

I’m always impressed with people who have to deal with adversity.
And that's why I wanted to share her story.
Here’s what she wrote:

Ok, so most of you know.. I have Bell’s palsy.
Let me explain it like this.
Half of my face is “lazier” than the other.

You wouldn’t even notice by looking at a picture (I’ve mastered the angles pretty well) but it is something I still deal with every single day.

When I’m sick, stressed, or even just tired.. that’s when it seems to act up the most.

I’m only explaining this because every once in a while, I STILL have to explain why my eye squints or twitches, why my smile seems crooked, or why it looks as if I may have had a stroke.

When I was 8 months pregnant with my first born Taylor Mae, I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.
That was almost 5 years ago.

It was something we thought would be short term but it’s ended up being a lifetime commitment.

It has its down sides and in down, I mean really really down.

The girl that used to be so confident was now afraid to even smile for a photo.

But I can proudly say that since then I’ve grown.
I now wear that crooked smile with pride.
I know that I am beautiful.
I know that when I look in the mirror, I’m proud of what I see.

It’s taken me so long to get here and man am I proud.

This crooked smile and squinty eye are all my children know.
To them, that’s mom..

So yes, my eye squints when I talk or smile, the left side of my mouth doesn’t fully smile like the other, I can’t flare my nostril or even raise my left eye brow.

Hell, I can’t even whistle anymore!
And I wouldn’t change a damn thing!
This is me.
And damn does it feel good to be me!!
credits:Theresa Moniz
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