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Today on Our Way to My Nieces Gymnastics Practice We Came Across a Dog on a Busy Highway That Was Running Up to Driving Cars.
So today is my Dad’s girlfriends 57th Birthday. She’s one of the most genuine and caring type of individuals I’ve ever had the chance to meet and here is the perfect example of why.

Today on our way to my Nieces gymnastics practice we came across a dog on a busy highway that was running up to driving cars. Luckily many of the cars in front of us braked for her but sadly, each one after the next just drove by. By this point we were close enough to get a good look at her. This dog was an older girl with some obvious milage built onto her by way of the gray you could see mixed within the brown of her muzzle and that charming old dog sway she had to her gait. Before I could say anything my dad’s girlfriend had opened the passenger door, as cars in the opposing lane sped past at 65 mph, and started calling for the dog. By this point cars had started to stop behind us. As the moments ticked by I thought for sure the dog was ignoring her calls and we were gonna see our worst fears play out but, only seconds into my despair, I thankfully instead got to witness this old goofy and beautiful dog wag her plump body over to the passenger side door so she could squeeze her big ole’ head and huge body into the passenger side seat. Now my dads girlfriend in this moment, mind you, is dressed in a skirt and nice shirt with jewelry and her hair done up but ya’ll, to my surprise, she yanked that dog into the car like it was her job!!!! As we closed the door I stepped on the gas to finally get us moving again and I remember briefly looked to my right to get a short look at our newly added passenger and, I swear you guys, that dog smiled. After driving to 3 nearby houses, because of no dog tags, we finally found her owner who, it turns out all that time, was out searching for her! They were extremely thankful to be back together and we were both just happy to be there for that heartfelt reunion.

The point of this post is to place spotlight on someone very special added to our lives who at a moment dropped everything just to protect and do something kind for another, even if it was just for a dog, because that’s the type of person she is. Lisa Sewell Randall, welcome to the family! If that’s not an awesome Birthday story, then I don’t know what else is!

And to top it all off, it’s National Pet Day.

credits:Jamison Earleywine
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