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A D O P T I O N S T O R Y is finally blogged
A D O P T I O N S T O R Y is finally blogged...but not on mine! Love What Matters asked me to guest blog it for them and I was honored to oblige!! I’m so excited our story will reach so many and hopefully get a few more hearts serving the foster community! I put a few of my favorite snips below but bed to the link to read the whole story! I’d love it if you shared so we can spread this message F A R & W I D E!! Tag me if you do!

“Despite the longevity of this case, my biggest point of gratitude is that these years of waiting have only been felt by us. Our sons have not left our care since the first day they came in. Despite spending almost five years in foster care, they have only ever known that they are home, they are safe, and they are loved. And in our seasons and seasons of waiting, we had the simple yet profound privilege and priority of parenting them: working through their special needs, watching them become big brothers three times over, teaching them to talk, to count, to run, to play, raising them from babies, to toddlers, to boys. Not a minute of that was taken for granted. The bittersweet truth in all of this isn’t lost on me. These great joys in my life are another woman’s great loss. The weight of that will always be on my heart and a part of my journey as a mother...⁣

Finally last week, all of our waiting came to an end. On April 3, 2019, we flooded the same courtroom I had sat praying in so many times before with overwhelming love. We had more than 60 friends and family members who have supported us so fully over the years show up for us once again. They flew in from all over the country, dropped their lives in the middle of the day in the middle of the week and showed up for our family, and we felt it all.”⁣
credits:Taryn Justice Ramsammy

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