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This May Inspire You in Some Little Way to Grab Up Those Second Chances and Run With Them
Here’s our story - bear with me while I paint the picture….

My husband and I dated for 3 years during our High School days. We were both socially awkward, a bit shy, and would rather avoid any scene that put us out of our comfort zone altogether. So you can imagine what our conversation was like when Prom time came around…

“umm, do you want to go to the Prom?… “ "well, gosh, not really…gotta get all dressed up and dance…” “ yeah, sounds like a lot of trouble…and what are people going to think of me...… let's just go get pizza and see a movie!”

…it went something like that no lie. We didn’t see it as making a precious memory or a good way to spend a Saturday night, so we quickly opted out and never gave it a 2nd thought!!!

This was in 1979 and 1980. We then went our separate ways in 1981, reconnected some 27 years later and got married in 2012! (okay hold on, there’s 2nd chance # 1)

Fast forward to 2018….

As you get older and experience life’s losses and joys, you begin to learn that every moment is precious beyond words. Time is fleeting and missed opportunities may never come your way again. It’s a somber reminder to seize the moment and not take one second of your life or experiences for granted.

On more than one occasion, I’m sure that I have told Jeff that we really “missed the boat” when we chose to forego the prom during our precious HS days. He pretty much agreed. This apparently worked on him more than I could have ever known. Listen to what he did……..

He contacted the Principal of Spartanburg High School, Jeff Stevens.

Explained “our story” in an email. Asked him if he would be willing to let us attend the 2019 SHS Prom!! 2019 is a very special year for the school. They will be moving to a beautiful, new campus in the Fall of 2019. Our chance to see the old school, as we remembered it, was quickly closing too.

This totally awesome man took the time to not only read our request but really think on our story. He could have just pressed ‘delete’ on the email or laughed it off. But he didn’t. He responded back in an understanding way and began the process of allowing us to be honorary attendees to the SHS Prom.

So it was on.

I was going to my 1st Prom - 40 years later!!!! My husband wanted it to be a surprise to our family so he swore me to secrecy. I didn’t tell a soul (which was a tad hard at times) until the day of the Prom… then, only to Susan Grant (the talent that did my makeup). We had so much fun talking about it while she made me look all sparkly

Months before, I found a dress and matched him to me!
The week of, I had to get the nails and spray tan of course
And the day of, I ran around getting hair and makeup….

We had an absolute blast there and danced so so so so much! They had reserved a table for us to “rest” but our butts never found the seats. It was too precious of a moment to sit down!

They even let me put the crown on the very pretty and sweet Prom Queen, Liz Yex

I definitely owe some major "thank you’s” …. here goes….

Thank you, Jeff Millwood, my absolute wonderful hubby and schemer for the good. I know God has his hand all over our life and marriage and that’s all I ever need to know. Oh, and did I mention our wedding anniversary was the very next day?? Right, I know!!

Thank you. Jeff Stevens. You are a great leader for Spartanburg High School. They are very blessed to have you. You took the time when you certainly didn’t have to, to accommodate Jeff’s request. We enjoyed talking with you during the Prom and meeting your beautiful wife.

Thank you, Chris White and David Lawson, for greeting us upon arrival, showing us around the venue, and assisting in making this night a reality for us. You two guys totally rock and it was our pleasure to meet both of you!

Thank you to all the students, who attended Spartan High’s Prom 2019, for letting us party with you. You made us feel welcomed and loved. If you are one of those students, message me so I can tag you!

Thank you, Susan Grant, for letting me confide in you. Your response and laughter with me were priceless. You have a gift with color and I appreciate the time you took with me to get me “Prom ready.”

Thank you, Bethany Burkholder, for my oh so pretty hairdo. You gave me a cool vibe with my side braid for sure, I loved it! You are so wise and talented beyond your years! I told your Mama that too!

Thank you to our wonderful waitress at The Standard who finally asked: “where are ya’ll going?” Jeff was dying to tell someone!! She was also kind enough to walk outside with us and take our pics.

And if you are still reading, thank you for reading the longest FB post I’ve ever done !!!

I hope it maybe inspired you in some little way to grab up those second chances and run with them!
credits:Donna Hoppes Millwood
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