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If You Know Anything About Me It’s That I Have Two Things That Are a Big “no” for Me.
The first is cats, and that’s due to the fact that I’m SUPER allergic. Just a few minutes remotely near a cat results in difficulty breathing, itchy and watery eyes, a runny nose, full body itches, and sneezing.

The second “No” is a dirty car. I go to the car wash 2-4 times a week and the inside of my car is always spotless. If you’ve ever taken a ride in my car it’s a guarantee you had a towel on TOP of the all-weather floor mats, and it’s possible you even sat on a towel.

Well tonight, my two “No” things happened.

After walking dogs from 2:45-7:30 I got in my car and was about to leave. I noticed a cat underneath a staff person’s car and remembered that there had been a post on the shelter volunteer page a few days prior. A member of the public had brought in a cat but the cat got away in the parking lot (happens all the time). KCPP staff had set a trap and they wanted everyone to keep an eye out.

I took a picture of the cat and posted on the volunteer page that it had been spotted. I was about to leave but then decided I should at least TRY (it was a long shot) to see if this cat would come to me. Well, sure enough it did. This kitty immediately came up to me and started rubbing its head on my legs and even rolled over and showed me its belly. I’ve always said cats know I’m allergic and like to rub it in.

I messaged the KCPP feline foster coordinator to make sure this was indeed the cat they were trying to catch, and then called my mom (who was at the other end of the shelter) to bring me a cat carrier.

With the help of my mom and a KCPP staff member, Aja, we were able to feed this hungry cat and then I scruffed her (sorry, kitty!) and we got her in the carrier. Success! Well, successful for the cat, but not my allergies.

After this 30 minute ordeal I finally left KCPP and headed for home.

Just moments after turning onto Raytown Road I happened to look down a side street and I see a dog walking down the middle of the road following a car. Crap!

I do a quick U-turn and then turn onto the side street to investigate. Sure enough, there’s a large, matted, senior, Shepherd type dog wandering down Ozark Road. I jump out and get my handy dandy dog walking slip lead out of my trunk and then call my mom and tell her to COME HELP ME!!!

No sooner than I do that it starts pouring down rain and the dog takes off up the street. But, after a few minutes I was able to catch up to the dog, get the slip lead on, and get it in my car.

Thus, “No” number two. A dirty car. I put a large, stinky, matted, rain soaked and muddy dog in the backseat of my clean car.

What’s the point of this post? Well for one, to express gratitude that there are places like KCPP to take in these animals (they’re both tucked in for the night). But beyond that, to remind everyone to not be afraid to break your own rules every once in awhile.

I’m a neat freak about my car and I’m not a fan of cats. But anytime I’ve spotted an animal in need I’ve thrown them in my car without hesitation.

Tonight, a hungry cat and a stray dog needed me and in those moments my cat allergy/non-cat fondness and my clean freakness didn’t matter. Other living beings needed a helping human hand and so that’s what happened.

Oh! And that there’s definitely such a thing as “being in the right place at the right time”. If I hadn’t helped the kitty I wouldn’t have seen the dog.

As Ellen DeGeneres would say, “Be kind to one another.” And as Bob Barker would say, “Spay and neuter your pets.

credits:Brooke Horridge
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