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Life Is All About What You Make of It!
First I want to say “You are amazing!” Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way...
My good friend Badma posted the pic of these adorable little ladies taking a selfie with a flip flop. I thought it was so cute. I told her the next time we met up, we just had to recreate the pic. The problem was, neither one of us had on flip flops. We were at a bodybuilding event and had on dress shoes. BUT..... I had a container of protein donuts! I help up the donuts and her husband snapped our pic. Lmbo We paid no attention to his camera, we were both totally looking at the container as if it was going to really take our pic.
Life is all about what you make of it! If you can make millions of people smile by simply being yourself..... no fillers and no fluffers..... then that’s an example we should all try to follow.
Let’s just say I made the people in the lobby all chuckle at our cute selfie recreation. So, I felt like I had done a small part in making some one else’s day!!!!
I hope you have an amazing day and our cute selfie makes you smile!!!
credits: Kenisha Tyler
716 views Apr 22, 2019

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