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The Life Struggle of Arnold Trio
I am Ash the mommy of our little trio that this page supports. I became a mom at the young age of 19 in 2007 to a 7 lb 13 oz little boy born after 16 hrs of labor via emergency c-section. We named him Brydon ♥ We knew he was different as a very young age, it was hard to take him in public because he became very easily over stimulated and though he was very smart he had delays in motor and social skills. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed with Aspergers. though it was a heavy sentence at the same time it felt like a weight had been lifted because now we could finally do what needed to be done to help him lead a full and healthy life! He is now 7 with a diagnoses of ADHD, ASD, possible SPD, and anxiety. He is on several medications, in therapy, finally has an IEP and aid in school and is making strides every day!

We welcome his sister Irelynn in 2009 prematurely at 36 weeks at 6 lbs 9 oz. Though she arrived early she thankfully only struggled with jaundice and slow weight gain.. even meeting her milestones early! She had a speech delay and still battles with a big of slur but she is a bright and shining little star in our family.

We again welcomed a new baby in 2013. Our rainbow Ryder premature at 35 weeks 5 lbs 4 oz. He struggled to breath and I will never forget his daddy coming to me in the recovery room after my c-section and telling me he was in distress. I was terrified I would never get to hold my baby alive. Thankfully he pulled through! He did have issues with his body temp which meant he had to stay in a isolette, his blood sugar which meant a glucose IV, and his jaundice which required bili light treatment. Then the kicker on the day we were to be discharged we discovered he had contracted MRSA and it would be another week in the hospital on IV antibiotics. After all of this he was discovered to have torticollis which caused postional plagiocephaly and despite physical/occupational therapy he had to be fitted for a starband (molding helmet) to fix his lil noggin. He is now 1 and is making amazing progress. In the beginning of 2014 he again has some serious medical problems... we ended up admitted to the hospital and he was diagnosed with Neutropenia
credits:Prayers for the Arnold Trio
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