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Let Us Raise Hand and Help Him
Ellen, I beg you to help me. SummaCare Insurance is refusing to cover my father’s life saving surgical intervention for Glioblastoma. It is a very serious brain cancer and this is his best option for survival. Please.
I am writing to both share my deep disappointment in my father's SummaCare insurance coverage and to share my disgust at SummaCare's decision to deny coverage for the NeuroBlate (LITT) procedure at University Hospitals. My father's Neurosurgeon, Dr. Tiffany Hodges, has stated that this surgery is MY DAD'S ONLY SURGICAL OPTION to combat Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), an incredibly aggressive and invasive brain cancer. I realize that your Chief Medical Officer, Charles Zonfa, specializes in Obstetrics/Gynecology, but I will just assume that you understand the severity of this diagnosis. Although the Department of Insurance has stated that we have a right to know the Medical Director overseeing the case, when I inquired, your customer service agent would not supply me with the Medical Director's name, license number, or specialty. Verbal consent was given by my father to the agent to discuss this case with me. I will be curious to see their experience in Neurology, and curious to hear how an FDA approved treatment would be considered experimental. For the record, it was FDA approved in 2009, has had over 2,000 procedures done with the technology, and University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic did a clinical trial on it in 2008. There are more clinical trials since, but I feel that the history at UH with the technology makes that incredibly compelling evidence as to why Dr. Tiffany Hodges is the best equipped to decide what care is appropriate. But this is what we do, right, time is of the essence, take the scalpel from the surgeon’s hand. The longer we wait, the better your odds of not having a policy holder to worry about.
Credits: Jen Graham Koons
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