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Here Is Immys Charity Video.
My name is Abby and my daughter is 8 years old and her name is Imogen. She is a beautiful funny and not forgetting sparky little girl with the most beautiful heart. She was diagnosed last year with a condition called chiari malformation which is a genetic neurological condition which she unfortunately gained from me. I was diagnosed when I was 19 with this condition plus a condition resulting from this called syringomyelia. Immy has had struggles with the symptoms of the condition all her life such as muscular spasms back pain and terrible migraines. She hasn’t once complained or felt like a victim though. Her saying is “life is beautiful, it could be worse”. I had brain surgery when I was diagnosed and Immy will eventually need the same but this will not hold her back. She has a passion for life and anything creative and won’t let a “condition slow her down.
Credits: Abigail Hadfield
655 views Jan 12, 2019

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