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I Think the Love in This Picture Is Worth Sharing
Because I think the love in this picture is worth sharing! This is Ella, my 4ish year old AmStaff mix with Santa. Ella came from the shelter where she spent 5 months as part of a cruelty case before her owners were charged and she could be released. She came to me nearly 3 years ago as a foster but never left. I knew she had a gift when people started requesting her special “hugs” any time they saw her out. Within 7 months she was tested and certified to be a therapy dog and just a couple weeks ago she was officially announced as the first therapy dog for the Mooresville Police Dept in NC. This girl has nothing but love to give behind those scars from her past and the photographer captured that love perfectly in this photo!!
Credits: Tiffany Richburg
623 views Dec 13, 2018

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