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A Gift That Made Her Feel Loved and Accepted for Who She Is and What She Wants to Do.
This is my soon to be 11 year-Old ADHDer. Today she received a package. A gift that made her feel loved and accepted for who she is and what she wants to do. There is a long back story here.

We began going to a new salon roughly two years ago. It is hard trying something new with a child who has ADHD. One with no filter, no impulse control, no boundaries, and one who does not understand how to be quiet or respect personal space. I could tell that my old hair dresser was becoming impatient, so we left. But I tell you what...our new hair dresser is more then loving, understanding and patient with my daughter. Actually, she tells my daughter how much she LOVES HER, and if it doesn’t show here, I don’t know what does.

My daughter has wanted a hair mannequin forever! She is always telling myself and our hair dresser this. Well, today on our front step was a gift. A gift I never saw coming. A gift that, clearly, makes my daughter the happiest I have ever seen her over a gift! My appreciation for people such as my hairdresser, my friend, is heart felt and genuine. I hope you enjoy my ADHDer’s surprise as much as we did
Credits: Amanda Taylor
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