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Tragic Time for Everyone.
One of my friends just recently passed away tragically in a car accident on 11/28. She was a dedicated volunteer firefighter with 2 different fire departments and mother of 2 beautiful girls McKenna age 2 and Brooklyn age 4, that were also with her in the accident. They spent 2 days in the hospital but are doing great and going to fully recover. Brooklyn had a hairline fracture on her left shoulder and McKenna has a cut on her forehead. Her name was Katie Dube if you look her up you will see how loved her and the girls are. She made 3 local news stations and is plastered all over everyone's Facebook. She also had a fiance named Davey Sweet they just recently lost his mother 6 months ago to a massive heart attack. Their little girls have been threw so much this year. If you could just keep them in your prayers that would be awesome. Katie is the first girl in the picture. And those 2 little girls are hers. This is such a tragic time for everyone. I would really just like to have a shout out from you Ellen just letting me know you read this and are praying for everyone. Her funeral is being held Monday and she is going to have a firefighters funeral and lots of fire trucks. God bless you Ellen. If you want to read about her story it's on live 5 news, channel 2 charleston and news 4.
Credits: Alli Cox
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