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Always Trying to Make People Laugh.
Hello Ellen I think you are so awesome.. I have always watched your show.. you are hilarious. I get some of my humor from watching you for so many years. I too am a comedian..i am always trying to make people laugh..i guess because I'm always in a lot of physical pain. And that keeps people from seeing my pain.. My mom and I are both, well some people call us disabled I like to call it limited in so many different parts of our bodies lol. We are a work in progress.. We probably won't get better, but we have come to except that.. It is what it is!! Anyway moving on that cute little puppy in the picture below in my arms is my Sadiebug she is my service dog. And she and I have always wanted to come on your show.. I sing and write songs and play bongos and congos when my body allows it..and I have always wanted to sing on your show. I'd be happy to get a reply from you.. Happy holidays Ellen & staff! Love y'all stay funny.
Credits: Sharon Storey
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