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Some Tiny Stuffed Animal
Dear Ellen, my name is Anujin Suned, and I’m 4 years old. I love animals a lot, I don’t have space in my home, so I collect some tiny stuffed animals, among them Muur ( a cat ) is my favorite and best friends just like your cat. I used to lost her in a big store, but one week later the store called us and told us my cat was found. We picked her up that day and she stayed at home every day when I am at school.
I like to read books. Since I was 3 years old I read books independently. I was a reading star this year in Washington DC summer reading program and got a bookstore gift card as an award. Now I’m 4 and reading chapter books fluently. I love to read Garfield books, I already finished reading 2 thick Garfield books.
I wish I could go to your show. It’s my current dream. I asked my mom to write a letter to you long time ago. She is writing this letter to you today.
Love you Ellen.
Wish you the best.
Love from Anujin Suned.
Credits: Anujin Suned
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