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Barn Santuary
These people are so wonderful, they are a nonprofit organization in Chelsea Michigan, I discovered them on Facebook because I love animals, I have bunnies lol, and Dan who started rescuing neglected, sick and abused farm animals even drove across country to get a sick cow to bring home and get surgery etc, he goes on FB live with his phone fridays and sometimes other days, for donations for a pig barn he wants to build and also they just did an interview on some news show about a Halloween bash called The Moonster Mash lol, but I think you should have him on your show or get Jeannie to go there and see what he does there, it would make for an awesome segment on your show and I know you love animals. I am in Canada so I dont know these guys personally but some of their shows have brought me to tears about the amazing, sweet , kind things they do for those poor unfortunate loving animals, but please do check out Barn Sanctuary on Facebook, I know you will love it. Thank you for your time, and BTW me and my bunnies love you, you help me get through the day especially when the lonliness gets overwhelming as I am homebound because of my back, but when I wake up feeling sad and alone, I always tell my bunnies, lets put some Ellen on, and I either cry or laugh or both watching your show, so you have a wonderful day and big giant Bunny Hugs!!!!
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