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This Amazing Girl Elizabeth Galt Is So Inspiring
This Amazing Girl Elizabeth Galt Is So Inspiring
Credits: Elizabeth Galt
10,039 views Sep 25, 2018

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SydHopps 290 points
I know Elizabeth Galt and I can not think of a more deserving person! I had the privilege of being Liz's camp counselor and now friend! She is so passionate about her dreams and goals to help others like her. She is inspirational as she overcomes the stigma around her diagnosis and breaks barriers everyday. She has a genuine love for the people she strives to help and her want to be on Ellen is so pure and filled with passion to further her efforts to help individuals with disabilities. She has accomplished so much and meeting Ellen would be the push she needs to reach her goals! She is truly amazing!
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Sep 25, 2018
AnneAbt 250 points
Elizabeth Galt is a wonderful young woman! She’s very passionate about helping others!
+5 votes
Sep 25, 2018
woodujim 230 points
Elizabeth Galt was an awesome student at Farmington R7 who has grown into an awesome young lady. She has worked very hard to get the word out about autism acceptance plus she is working so hard to raise money to help others with disablities.
+3 votes
Sep 25, 2018
bethanie987 180 points
I have known Elizabeth Galt for over a decade having been one of her babysitters when she was younger. I have seen her overcome so many obstacles in that time and am so excited to be able to watch her do these great things for others like her! I honestly could not think of another individual that deserves this opportunity more!
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Sep 26, 2018
SheliaStevens 150 points
I have known Liz since she was little. We went to the same church. Liz has grown into quite a special young lady. She has over come so many obstacles in her life. Her parents deaths were devastating for her and she has pushed forward making a life for herself that would have made them so proud. Please choose Liz to be on your show. She has such a servants heart and she wants nothing more than to to help others over come their disabilities.
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Sep 27, 2018