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This Is Just the Sweetest Thing Ever! Teachers Are Heroes for Real
Erica Smoot writes"
My little girl Addyson has really struggled lately battling several life - threatening conditions. She loves learning and going to school but keeping up has been a challenge. Last year she missed months of school due to several surgeries and complications following them. She worked hard to pass to first grade and hoped this year would be a better. Unfortunately, it has been a rough start in just the few short weeks since school began. She has missed more days than she has attended and goes to the nurses office 2/3 times per day to rest when she actually attends. Although she understands she is sick, she still is disappointed that she doesn't get to attend some of the fun parts of school like recess, gym class, and music class on a regular basis while she is there. This means she misses special events that the school participates in also. Friday, the school had a super hero walk-a-thon but Addyson had to get heart tests done and meet with her cardiologist so she couldn't attend. She is an identical twin which made it a little harder seeing her sister's medals and stories about the walk. I emailed her teacher to see if there were pictures that Addyson could look at and her response is posted in the picture below. She offered to come to our HOUSE from a bridal shower and take her on their own special walk. My daughter was so excited she could barely sleep last night!
This afternoon she left the bridal shower, changed into her super hero gear, and came to our house to take her on a walk. Addyson needed to take a couple rest stops and she was incredibly kind and patient with her. I could tell how proud she was to be able to finish with her teacher by her side. She stayed at our house for an hour afterwards talking about barbies and eating popsicles that she brought as a surprise. We are blessed to have an amazing teacher who cares so much about her students inside AND outside of the classroom. She turned my daughter's disappointment and tears from feeling excluded into pure joy and gave her the confidence of a super hero. Addyson said today was the BEST DAY OF HER LIFE

I know she didn't do this for one ounce of recognition but she deserves it! Please share"

Credits: Erica Smoot
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