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Local Fire Dept Sets Up 9/11 Memorial, Jaws Drop When They See What Lands On Flagpole

It’s a day no American will ever forget – nor should we.

On September 11, 2001, 2,996 people lost their lives in the worst attack on American soil in history.

The attacks were horrific and tragic, but they also united Americans in an incredible way and the people of this great country have worked to make sure that what was done and those who lost their lives are never forgotten.

Every year in Andover, Minnesota, the citizens gather together for a memorial.

This year, the Andover Fire Department parked their truck on the Highway 10 bridge and flew a huge American flag from the top of their ladder. More flags lined the road and many citizens gathered to pay their respects.

But right around the time they were holding a moment of silence for the victims, some of those gathered looked up at the flag and couldn’t believe what they saw: an eagle had perched on the top of the ladder that was holding the flag!

Everyone who saw it was immediately reduced to tears, struck by the powerful image and emotional moment.

“Isn’t that unbelievable?” said Andover Chief Jerry Streich in a video shared on the department’s Facebook page. “Phenomenal.”

Nobody who saw the incredible display could believe what they had just witnessed. You could not have planned a more beautiful memorial to all the people who lost their lives that tragic day.

Streich’s video has since gone viral and people from all over the country have written in to say how touched they were by the incredible moment.

Awesome that gave me goose bumps,” said Susan Thompson. “God bless the USA”

I have chills watching that!” Samantha Bergman Suchanek agreed.

A fitting reminder of how thankful we all should feel everyday for the people who protect us,” Paula Brassington Marty wrote. “God Bless you, God Bless America”

That eagle was so beautiful on that display God put it there for a reason and that’s to make us realize that America is great and strong,” Ann White said. “God Bless America”

An incredible moment that will not soon be forgotten.

God bless America!

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kwheels5 170 points
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Sep 13, 2018
Keajca 150 points
Perfect 9/11 tribute with an eagle coming to participate unannounced at the moment of silence!!!
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Sep 13, 2018
kylieSwan 150 points
LOVE THIS!!!! How Magical.
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Sep 14, 2018