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When You Meet the First Mayor
Having Ice Cream Cookies at CookieZ on the Square with Taylor. I am honored to be her first mayor ice cream date. She already has 20 mayors lined up to visit. I actually wrote the Ellen Show about her.

She told me that Missouri's State Amphibian is the Bullfrog and I replied, "Croaker is proud!" And of course, Missouri's State Dessert is ICE CREAM. She continued telling me that the waffle cone was introduced at the World's Fair in St. Louis and that is why we have ice cream cones. She knows her stuff!

Credits: Luge Hardman
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ShaSha 150 points
This little lady is awesome! We had the pleasure of having Tay as our neighbor and she has always been incredibly smart and sweet. Don't miss this little firecracker, she is going places!
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Sep 6, 2018