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First Day of School- Signage Fail
Today is my son, Townsend's, first day of kindergarten and bus ride. Suffice it to say I took many pictures of this special occasion! As we were waiting for the bus I peered at my phone; my Instagram feed was flooded with children holding signs celebrating their first day of school. I then looked to the left and my neighbors had constructed a sign so large that it towered over their three daughters. I realized that I was alone in the world. I felt inadequate. How could this be?

Although nobody will know how much Townsend weighs on this exact day or how tall he is, what he wants to be when he grows up or what his favorite food is, my Instagram followers know that I dropped the ball... and I'm okay with that. To be honest, I don't care one bit that your son or daughter wants to be a doctor. I really, really don't. And, while it must make you proud to hear that, confirming that your parenting game is top notch, what if he or she aspires to be a crime scene cleaner? Would you push that in my face? I hope that you would, and I commend your child for thinking outside of the box.

Here is a photo of Townsend from this morning and the hilarity of it all is that he looks like he's holding up a sign. We all know he isn't... so in the end I made him one.
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