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To Answer Another's Call to Save Their Life Is Something That Most of Us Will Never Know the True Meaning of
To answer another's call to save their life is something that most of us will never know the true meaning of. I want you to embark on a journey with me that started years ago. My friend, Janice McKelvey Williams, was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease in 1989. I didn't know much about the disease at that time, but did know that her beautiful and sweet mother, Barbara McKelvey, had this disease and uponhad passed away after surgery in 1999. The family was devastated that a life-saving surgery turned into this great loss.

Janice's brother, Chuck also inherited PKD and since then, her two children, Brittany and Aaron have both tested positive. Since PKD is inherited, Brittany will not know if her son, Bishop, also has this disease until he is later tested. This is Janice's grandchild.

Fast forward to January 2015...the dreaded dialysis started. Janice takes dialysis three days a week for three years and a half years. The last six months of dialysis turned for the worse, as Janice's fistula stent had to be fully opened 10 times and stayed ooen 6 weeks out of three months. This was very painful for Janice and the turning point that she had to rely on a live kidney donor in order to stop dialysis and be able to live a normal life.

THEN, on January 10, 2018, we made a plea for help on Facebook. We needed a live kidney donor that not only matched Janice's blood type, but was also a healthy candidate with a healthy kidney.. By that evening, we had a hopeful donor. Her name was Peggy Davis. Peggy said she saw the post and prayed about it. She then answered to the call for help. After many months of testing, Peggy was approved to be a live donor and to donate a kidney to Janice. The unbelievable part was that there were absolutely zero antibodies between Janice and Peggy. (The more antibodies, the harder the Kidney Transplant success is.) God knew what He was doing with this match!

FINALLY, the long-awaited day of transplant surgery arrived. July 24, 2018 at UTMB in Galveston, TX. Peggy and Janice's family and friends met in droves to support them and their journey. Peggy was taken back about an hour and a half before Janice. The surgery was a complete success and Janice's "used part" kidney began funct iOSoning immediately when the surgeons connected it. What a glorious thing! Peggy and Janice were held much longer than expected in recovery because of severe pain and anesthesia side effects. We didn't get to see them at all that day or night. By the next day, the pain was more manageable and Peggy seemed better. Janice was still struggling with pain. Every day, they kept getting better. They were even released before the 7 day usual stay. Another major milestone!

Now, Janice and Peggy are still traveling back and forth to the clinic. Janice travels three days a week and hopefully will be starting one day a week before long. These trips are expensive for both, as well as tiring. Peggy will also be off of work for a full twelve weeks while she recovers from the kidney donation. I believe that God places these two in each other's paths. Every step has been perfected by His promise. Zero antibodies, perfect kidney match, perfect surgery, and excellent healing. I asked Peggy how she was going yo make it being off for so long. She simply stated, "God has me." Also, please pray for Polycystic Kidney Disease researchers, as they continue to help find a cure. As of now there is none, and if diagnosed, you are not eligible for a private individual life insurance policy, except through an employer. This is how deadly this disease is. Insurance companies classify you as uninsurable. Hopefully within the next decade there will be advancements in scientific study of PKD. I pray for a cure, even though no one is close yet. Thank you for sharing our journey, and please share, share, share!

Credits: Angela Coplin Robinson
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