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Stop and Help That Poor Animal
I just can't put into word how happy I am right now! Day of serching nights full of tears!!! 7 years of having this sweet boy for him to just be gone in the blink of an eye with no trace of him. I acted crazy calling every shelter the dnr everyone! I even save his last cup from his brithday moist food just to have something to place in the ground when I was ready! And then today I was on my way to work when I see this little dog walking down F97 down the road from my house. And I pick her up called the local shelter as that was the only number on her collar put the air on she was dying from the heat!! And call chance to come to my work and pick her up because of course I can't take her in... after a few hours of being at work a woman calls me and tells me that this dog missy belongs to her .. so I call chance and tell him where to take the dog and we bicker about him going at that moment or me doing it at 9 pm when I get home from work.. I get one last message from him saying I took her home... 1/2 hour later my co- worker comes in from her break and tells me to go out side my husband needs me out there! And then you see what happens I look stupid and I could care less at this moment I'm so happy. I have never in my life cried happy tears until today! Chance promised me no matter what he would find him for me and he unintentionally kept that promise and I will for ever be greatful! It just so happens bubba was at this woman's house!!! I found her dog and she found my cat!!!! I cant have children of my own so this CAT is my son! He is my family we have lived in my car together cried together and I'm sure many times he hated me lol! Picking up that doggy today was more then worth it I never pass by an animal and keep going i always try to help and I will continue to do that from here on out losing a pet a family member is devastating so please don't be that person that just keeps driving! STOP AND HELP THAT POOR ANIMAL FIND ITS WAY HOME ONE DAY IT COULD BE YOUR BABY SOMEONE JUST PASSES BY!
Credits: Sasha Woodruff
945 views Aug 24, 2018

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