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You Never Think That Your Life Is Going to Change Dramatically, in an Instant
You never think that your life is going to change dramatically, in an instant. You always read or hear about all these tragedies, and I bet you always think ‘nothing like that will ever happen to me’. Well I’m here to tell you that sadly that is wrong. I’ve learned from experience. Your life might be going perfect. You think you have your whole life in check and then...Bam! Tragedy hits life is changed forever. It’s all out of your hands. You NEVER know what lies ahead. You don’t have control over what happens in this life. What you do have control over is how you react to it. How you deal with the twists and turns that may lay ahead.
Now I will tell you my story; I was just like most of you who read about these awful things and tragedies. I too also thought that ‘nothing like that could ever happen to me’, but in November 2017 all of it became a reality for me. I went into labor with my daughter on November 3rd. I was in labor a total of 76 hours before an emergency c-section. I had a horrible labor but I was so thrilled that soon I’d be holding my baby girl. My daughter was delivered by c-section on November 6th 2017. I was beyond happy and blessed to finally be holding my baby girl. Later that day when my epidural wore off; tragedy struck. All of a sudden I couldn’t walk and was in a extreme amount of pain. None of the doctors here knew what was happening or what to do. I was sent home 8 days later, with a walker. I was unable to carry my newborn baby. It was heartbreaking. They told us to make an appointment in Denver for more help and direction. So we did. The doctor in Denver told us that; in labor I had a spinal stroke, that had gone undetected for 2 months. So there wasn’t anything that they could do at this point. He said ‘ I’m sorry to tell you that spinal strokes are extremely rare and there is no cure or treatment. Just pain management and physical therapy to try and regain some strength back” BAM! Here I am, I’m only 22 years old, I just went through hell to deliver my child, and now my life has changed forever in an instant, and not in the way that life is suppose to change when you bring a child into this world. All I could do is cry and cry. It was all so hard to take. I went into a deep depression; but I had such a great support system that they helped me get out of the dark place I was in.
Now my daughter is 9 months old. I have not made much progress, however I am trying so hard. Since the stroke I’ve seen too many doctors to even count. I’ve seen many doctors in my home town, as well as Utah and Denver. I still have a lot of trouble walking and doing other normal things people my age can do with no troubles. I am in constant extreme pain on a daily basis. Most days my home is my prison, because it is hard to get out and I’m in so much pain. I know all of this sucks and I didn’t see my life being this way but this is the life that I was given. I wish it was different but it’s not. So I have two choices in front of me; I can sulk and be pissed off at the world, or I can just take it like it is, try to move forward and live the best life that I can. I cannot change what happened to me. This may have changed my life but it didn’t change who I am. So I’m here to tell you that bad things DO happen, and when you least expect it life is gonna change. What you need to do is take the time that you need to heal from whatever it is and then try to live the best life that you can, because we are all only given one life. We just have to live the one we’re given.

- This was very hard for me to write so please don’t judge grammar and spelling.
Credits: Kylie Henderson
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