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Sometimes I just can’t believe how cruel some people can be to others.
Sometimes I just can’t believe how cruel some people can be to others.
(Don’t worry this story has a great ending and it all stems around these washing machines)

This is West Side High School in New Jersey.
It turns out that some of the kids there were being bullied because their clothes were dirty.
In some cases students actually posted pictures on social media of them in dirty clothes and shoes.

What kind of sick person does that?

Principal Akbar Cook says:
“They were choosing to stay home rather than coming to school to be bullied or ridiculed.
We didn’t know until we started making calls.”

Principal Cook decided to do something about it.
He contacted PSE&G and got enough money to buy five washers and dryers.

People have also been donating detergent.

Principal Cook says:
“I refuse to let a kid come to school smelling or dirty and I’m sitting on a shirt that says ‘West Side on it.”

For most of us it would never occur to me to walk around in dirty clothes because I have a washing and dryer.

But it's so important to remember that not everyone is so lucky.

But even if their clothes are dirty so what.
You still treat them like a person.

Maybe you even offer to take them to a laudrymat and wash their clothes for them.

You don’t put their damn pictures on social media.
That’s just sickening.

I do believe in Karma though.
They’re learn soon enough how despicable their actiosn were.

In the meantime Bravo to Principal Cook for taking action

I’m sure there are a LOT of other schools around the country where they're facing the same situation.

I hope that reading about Principal Cook and what he did, will help spur them to action.
NO ONE should have to stay home because their embarrassed about their clothes.




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