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These Kids Want to Be on Ellen Show
so this is a long shot, but just a couple weeks ago me and my little brother, adam, thought it would be cool to be on Ellen DeGeneres. we thought we would just make videos and see what happens. we are honestly doing this for fun and our enjoyment, but you never know what could happen. it would be so cool to be on the show. we just have to wait and see.

here’s our first video. we made it after we bowled and this song came on. i told adam that we would do this dance and we would go back and forth till we had the full 15sec. well when he recorded, the sound wasn’t working so we only have his dance. turns out we were a second or two under the minimum so we had to improvise. enjoy!!

if you want, we have an instagram just for this. @brosis__comedy

Credits: Zoe Masterson
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