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Grappling For Team Natty
My name is Chris Nataline. I am a father of two little girls Christina and Danielle. Their mother is my amazing wife, Karen.
I've been fighting a cancer called Non-small Cell Adenocarcenoma (non smokers form of lung cancer) since 2010. I was diagnosed when I was 30 years old.
I've had cancer in my right lung, lymphnodes, liver, bones, vertebrae, spinal cord and brain. Not all at the same time but in waves during these last 6 years. Most areas have been cleared like my liver, lymphnodes and bones but my lung and brain are the most worrisome to my doctors.
I've had been driving 6 hours every month, from Florida to South Carolina, for six months. Luckily, I was connected with Angle Flights. I now fly in a little 4 seater plane, with 2-3 stops, every 3 weeks to and from Florida to Nashville TN. for treatment. Without Angle Flights I wouldn't be here today.
I've come close to death many times but I don't believe I am going to die of cancer. I believe in myself and in the power of faith. I don't think I have been through all this just to die a young death.
I've had the cancer come back 3 times since we moved to Florida and I've been fighing it off with different targeted study drugs but as it stands today, my last images show another spot in my brain. The doctors don't have any other targeted therapies to give me. I'm out of options other than chemo and radiation. I went through chemo and radiation treatments in 2010, but it failed. The radiation puts a massive toll on my body. Once it gets to the point where more spots show up, they will want to do "full brain radiation". That means they will radiate my whole brain. I'll have ringing in my ears and loss of hearing. Probably permenant damage.
I've found a clinic that treats everything holistically and aggressively. While I still have some time to try these alternative treatments, I need to start the therapies immediately! I cant wait much longer.
I have the national cancer society sending me a list of potential hospitals that may take me in even though I have brain mets. Its getting harder and harder to find hospitals to take me in my condition.
My daughters and my wife need me. I need them. It's incredibly stressful to be so financially drained. My parents have given everything they have to help me, but this has been going on for over six years and theres only so much they can do.
This fundraiser will allow me to travel to a clinic where every alternative will be will be used to treat this cancer. I fear this is my last chance. I humbly ask for your help. Please help me heal myself, so that I can be here, with my wife, to watch my daugthers grow up.
Thank you so much for your continued support.

Love and Light,
Christian Nataline

Credits: Grappling For Team Natty
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Jennifershort85 280 points
#teamnatty love you Chris and Karen!
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Aug 13, 2018
Chad83 250 points
We love you Chris!
+5 votes
Aug 12, 2018
Heathercook78 250 points
We are here with you and love you Chris!!
+4 votes
Aug 13, 2018
curt1123 230 points
I'm always thinking about you buddy. Love you my man.
+4 votes
Aug 13, 2018
MarthaD 220 points
Love you Chris,stay strong!#teamnatty
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Aug 13, 2018
Amygriffith 230 points
Please help us help our friends!!  Ellen, I dare you to spend an afternoon with these fine people. I dare you because whether your influence brings Chris the opportunity to have the holistic treatment, you will be forever changed. You will laugh. You will think. You will question everything you know. Chris and Karen are smart. He’s been dealt a ****** hand. Maybe that’s the story. But we want to know if it’s not!  And trust me, so does the world. What if these “fringe” treatments could save thousands?  Let’s find out. Please be part of the solution. We need your voice to elevate this issue and the possibilities. Respectfully, Amy Griffith 907-942-4878
+4 votes
Aug 14, 2018
lindafraize 210 points
praying for you
+3 votes
Aug 13, 2018
n0118306 210 points
Stay strong, Much love!
+3 votes
Aug 14, 2018
lennyvan 320 points
I was blessed in 2013 to meet Chris`s sister who introduced us. She told me about what he was going through and gave me his contact info.
He was living in Massachusetts and I was in Michigan.
We would talk regularly on the phone and did this for the first 1 1/2 yrs. I would go to florida a couple times a year and when he moved there we finally got to meet.
Ellen,, I was so impressed with this young man,,He "IS" a warrior. I cannot imagine going through half of what he has.
His wife works at a health food store which gives him discounts on his vitamins and supplements and the family extra money. While he takes care of their children and the house and even home schools the girls, on top of ALL he is going through.
 He is teaching them all about the proper nutrition and how important it is.
He even is teaching them about gardening.
He is truely an amazing young man.
I am truly blessed to call him a friend.
Ellen I hope you can find it in your heart to help this young man and his family.
#ellenNation #Teamnatty #Ellen

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Aug 14, 2018
Jfarrell 200 points
We are not giving up on you CHRIS! we Love you, and love seeing your strength, and determination! We are all behind you!  Live you Brother!
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Aug 14, 2018
Hkd422 340 points
Team Natty
+2 votes
Aug 13, 2018
cheryleeski 180 points
Thumbs up for Natty
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Aug 16, 2018
Hkd422 340 points
We live be you Chris
+1 vote
Aug 13, 2018
FedericoK 260 points
Team Natty too
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Aug 15, 2018
rendla 150 points
There for you Chris and your amazing family
0 votes
Aug 17, 2018
Starcjh 150 points
You’re an inspiration Chris!!!!  Sending prayers, love and hugs!!!
0 votes
Aug 17, 2018