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My Story of Sam’s Eyepatches
After Sam lost her eye, I know she really struggled with her appearance and wondered if she would ever feel beautiful again. We all know Sam is beautiful inside and out, but I wanted to do something to help HER feel that way again. As some of you know, Sam is a huge fan of designer bags. She once told me that she hoped to have an entire closet dedicated to her purses! So, I decided to embark on a quest to find a designer eye patch. Long story short: they don’t exist. Now, I’m not one to take “no” for an answer, so I decided to reach out to individual designers to see if they would be willing to create an eyepatch for Sam. I emailed and called AT LEAST a 100 designers. While a few of them offered condolences and a gift card, most of them responded with a “no” or didn’t even reply. I became very discouraged that I would never get an eyepatch made for Sam, but I kept calling and sending emails.

And then one day, a man by the name of John Wagner, the Customer Service Manager of Salvatore Ferragamo, responded and stated that his team in Italy would be willing to design an eyepatch for Sam. I was thrilled! Not only was Ferragamo a big name designer, it was being designed and sent from ITALY!

Then, a week later, I received ANOTHER email from Erika Wayne, the Public Relations Coordinator at Marchesa, stating her design team would be more than happy to design an eyepatch for Sam. Erika informed me that she was deeply touched by Sam’s story because she had lost a sister to Cystic Fibrosis. Talk about a God moment!

Now, I had to keep this secret for A LONG TIME. Marchesa and Ferragamo both designed pieces for actors/actresses at the Met Gala, and Marchesa was in the process of releasing their fall collection. So, these eyepatches didn’t appear overnight. But let me tell you. They were worth the wait.

I received the eyepatch from Salvatore Ferragamo first. It was a black eye patch with gray lilies and light yellow accents. It came with a small bag to store the eyepatch, that was made out of the same material with a “Salvatore Ferragamo” tag on it. Sam’s Mom later informed me that Lilies were some of Sam’ favorite flowers! God moment round two.

Next, I was notified by Erika that she would be sending me the completed eyepatches. She informed me that they were wrapped and included a card. When Erika said “eyepatches” I became quite curious, and asked if she could send me a picture. Erika responded with a picture, and that’s when I realized that Marchesa had not designed one eyepatch, they had designed 6! I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe that they had created 6, completely unique, eyepatches for Sam.

Once I received the eyepatches, I was more than anxious to give them to Sam. So, the weekend of July 7th, we drove up to Cleveland to visit Sam and Ty and I presented her with the eyepatches. Pretty sure we all got a little choked up as we looked over the beautifully designed eyepatches. God moment round three! (I’ve included pictures of Sam with her new eyepatches as well as a group shot.)

The point of this story is not to brag about myself, but more so, to brag about these amazing designers and employees that took time out of their busy schedule to make eyepatches for a girl they have never met. On top of that, neither one of these companies asked for any compensation. Now, I’m not very knowledgeable about designers, but I looked these two up and they are PRICEY. So, for them to donate their time and these products (that are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars) is truly an amazing thing. It was truly an eye-opening experience and a big reminder of all the good left in this world.

A big thanks to John Wagner, Erika Wayne, Marchesa, and Salvatore Ferragamo for making this happen. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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