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Our beautiful madison was diagnosed with infants blounts disease at 2 which is a bowing deformity that occurs and causes her legs to bow outwardly this can happen in one leg or both legs. She of course had it in both. When we took her back for her 3rd check up her right leg had by the grace of god straightened out on it's own but her left leg was so bad she was she was having trouble balancing and walking falling constantly it was becoming a disability. So the specialist and our family had a meeting and quickly decided that she needed this surgery Asap. So in January we were off the smaratin hospital and our sweet maddy was carried away into the OR for almost 6 hrs in surgery to wake up with this huge device bolted into her left
leg from her knee down to her ankle. I cant explain the fear I had seeing her in recovery on morphine crying out and tim and I thinking how will we get thru this? Maddy was so tough and determinedly she fought hard even @ 2.5. When we went for our last appt after 3.5 month they took the brace out and we were never told that this could re occur and here we are 10 years later headed to shriners Our appt is set for June 28 @ 1pm we pray for the best care and that we can continue stay strong and make it thru the tough times. I made this group to keep everyone updated and if you wanna write a prayer, or an experience you have had dealing with shriners or you find any helpful literature about blounts disease. I wanna know everything and bring some awareness. This disease is a scary as Any. It's nice to have a support system as we go thru this Journey. We as a family have been thru alot in the last 6 years and could use prayers for a blessing.

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