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I was driving my daughter to Bart yesterday.
I was driving my daughter to Bart yesterday.
And even though the trip was only about 8 minutes she STILL had to hook up her phone and play her music.

I said:
“Can’t we just listen to my music?”

“No dad.
This is the new song from Drake.”

“Oh dear God NO DRAKE.
This car is a DRAKE FREE ZONE.”

“Dad just give it a minute.”

I swear every time I hear that guy I want to poke my eyes out with red hot needles.
What is the deal with him?

I’ve tried so hard to get my daughter into old school soul.
Earth, Wind and Fire.
The Temptations.
Tower of Power.
The Spinners.

Instead I get Drake.
And other dudes like Fetty Wap and 21 Savadge.

In fact on a serious note:
In one of the songs she was playing yesterday the guy kept referring to women as “bitches.”

I told her to turn down the radio for a moment.
I said I’m going to let you to listen to these songs even though I disagree with the lyrics.
But guys who call women bitches are pathetic.
I repeat: Guy who refer to women as bitches are pathetic!

And they are NOT the kind of people I want you hanging around with.

I don’t ever want you to let a man call you a bitch.
And if they do you come tell me and I’ll take care of it.

Okay rant over.

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