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“Back in December 2016 I woke up to several missed calls to find out my little boy’s dad was in a car accident and on li
“Back in December 2016 I woke up to several missed calls to find out my little boy’s dad was in a car accident and on life support."

"After the hardest week of my life, I promised him on my last day visiting him that I’d be the best mom to our son that I could be and that I’d keep my faith to never question God.”

AshlyMarie Sophia Rodriguez sent me this.
I’ve posted about her and her son before.

The second picture of her husband and their son was taken the day before he died.

The story is so sad but it's also so compelling and hopeful.

I hope you’ll give yourself 60 seconds to read it.
Especially when you find out the story behind their new dog Baily.
I promise it’s worth it.

Here’s what AshlyMarie wrote:

Fast forward a year later, my little boy and I are at a much better place now.

We’ve met so many good hearted people through social media and have been able to connect with other moms that are in the same situation unfortunately.

A few months ago my little boy asked for a little sister.
I did my best to explain to him that it doesn’t just work that way since his dad is in heaven.

He was only three years old so he understood as much as he could.

Since I knew I was better emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, I knew getting a puppy would be a great addition to our little family now.

At the last minute we hosted a lemonade stand to show my son responsibility and to save for a puppy.

We live on a street with not many neighbors.
(But) over 100 people showed up including the Morgan Hill Police Department, Fire Department and a huge group of motorcycles.

It left this mama in awe.

We had so many donations towards our little puppy and got her a week later.

She loves to sleep with us and chase my little boy around.
Although it’s like having two toddlers now, this mama loves it.
I can’t thank everyone enough for the unconditional support, love and most importantly prayers.

We still have our not so good days when my little boy asks why his dad can’t come back from heaven.
But as his mama I continue to be the best example that I can be for him.

Now he has his little sibling Bailey to enjoy life with too.

If anyone ever needs someone to reach out to, my little boy and I are here.

We know life can get the best of us.

But keep what little faith you do have because we promise you that little faith will get you through each season.

Lots of love,

----AshlyMarie, William & Bailey


I can only wish AshlyMarie, William and Bailey the best.
He’ll never know his daddy.
But you can bet that he’ll remember him.


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