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I wanted to share this story that Kerry WB sent me.
I wanted to share this story that Kerry WB sent me.
It’s about what this woman did for her little girl.
It’s just a simple story.
But sometimes those are the best.

Here’s what Kerry wrote:

Hello Frank!
I always enjoy the inspiring stories that you share and thought I could share one in return.

I was in a bookstore today and met this lady named Diana.

I was with my very independent, sweet, and more of the time stubborn, almost 3 year old, Annie.

She was getting ready to turn the keys and rev her tantrum engine.
In other words, she was on the verge of a meltdown.

We walked by this lady who could probably sense that “Hurrican Annie” was about to hit the bookstore.
So she tried to distract Annie by complimenting her book choice, Little Miss Stubborn and the Unicorn.

Annie said thank you, but in a very angry way.

As I was telling Annie that the way she responded wasn’t very nice, the lady asked Annie a few more questions about the book and Annie started answering in a really nice manner.

The lady then asked if she could read Annie her book and of course I said absolutely!

Annie and the lady sat down on the floor and shared a lot of laughs while reading the book!
They became friends and had a great time together!

Diana definitely has a special connection with children and a passion for reading and it was really neat to see a complete stranger engage the way she did.

It was also really neat to see Annie respond to Diana the way she did.

When Diana finished the book, Annie shook her hand and gave her a big hug, and said thank you with a really big smile.

--Kerry WB

Again this story is just a simple slice of life.
But in the end isn’t that what it’s all about.


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