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A new Beginning
2017,was a challenging year. My better half died after finding out he had cancer, all in the matter of 22days,then I had to sell the house and move and take care of all of his estate, I then found out I had cancer, I had surgery, had the cancer removed, and had to go through chemo all alone, I was a foster child, so when my foster mother died, and my boyfriend of 20years passed, like I had said in 22days,i was left to do it all alone. I had a very hard life. I also found out that my 2 natural brothers died in the matter of 2 weeks apart, I didn't really know them, but it was still very heart breaking. Now I'm alone, and very lonely, you take for granted, how hard it is to even get yourself a glass of water, when your sick, and alone. My life has changed dramatically, it will never be the same and I'm OK with that. I try and keep a positive attitude, and I help others, when they need it. I donate to the city missions, and Thank God for this new chapter in my life. So people, always remember to have faith, love, hope and belief in your heart, and like Ellen says, be kind to one another. When I pray to God everytime I always say for people to be kind to one another, and don't take anything or anyone for granted. There are no do overs in life.
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