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My World
Poetry Written in Support of those Affected by the October 2017 CA Firestorm.

My World
By Cynthia Phipps

I held the world inside my hand

The sea, the flowers, the vine

I held the grass between my fingers

Not knowing it was mine

I moved the marble with my thumb

It changed the light within

Then let it rest against my palm

to feel its strength again

I dusted off the fallen ash

that changed the world I knew

And found my world with new scars

that carried beauty too

The heat had cracked the inner core

Altering the view I see

It changed the mountains and rivers

and the faces close to me

How can I stare into the sphere

and ignore the cracks within

until I hold it to the sky

and take its beauty in

Oh broken world, please rise up

mend the the rivers and the trees

Heal the animals and people

change the wind into a breeze

Let the mountains bloom in color

and the rainbows fill the sky

Let the people share a smile

As their neighbors pass on by

Bring communities together

to fill the gap from all that's gone

Teach us hope and understanding

as we learn to carry on

I held the world inside my hand

It bled a message into me

That every face in its reflection

Is just one big family

So I wrapped my palm around the world

and prayed for our dear land

to mend the cracks inside the core

of the world inside my hand
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Cynthia R. Phipps

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