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‘I looked like an idiot pushing the cart, crying like a baby!’ 2 strangers build dream mailbox for 7-year-old with Autism

“Last Thursday, I stood in the isle with mailboxes at the Home Depot in Gaylord, Michigan. I was deep in thought trying to come up with an idea for a birthday gift when I was approached by associates Gary and Lorel.

I was asked If I needed help finding a mailbox, and my reply was ‘Ya… kind of!’

I explained to them that my 7-year-old grandson has Autism and was fascinated with mailboxes. He loves to put things in, take them out, open the door, close the door, raise the flag, lower the flag over and over (not necessarily in that order!). Cameron is an amazing little boy! He’s fearless and independent like many autistic children are. He’s cuddly, loving and very affectionate with those in his circle. He is completely non-verbal, with the exception of a few select words that he may say on occasion with meaning and understanding. The first of those two words is ‘hot!’ He knows what it means and uses it. The second of those words is a four-letter word that begins with an S and ends in a t! And trust me when things go wrong, he uses that one quite well also!

I was looking to put a mailbox together for his birthday that would be sturdy but able to be moved from room to room. We talked and brainstormed for a few minutes when Gary told me to trust him and asked if I could come back Saturday morning. He said he had a few ideas and would put something together.

Courtesy Denise DeMara Haight

I returned to the store Saturday morning, grabbed a cart and picked up a few things before meeting Gary at the service desk. He walked around the corner pushing a hand cart with the mailbox on top. I immediately teared up and told him it was perfect!

Courtesy Denise DeMara Haight

There was a Home Depot apron, a stuffed bear and a few small toys inside the mailbox. We spoke for a few minutes as I placed my items on the hand cart with the mailbox. I then asked him if there was a tag on the box so I could pay at the check-out and he said, ‘There is no charge for the mailbox, tell that little boy Happy Birthday from Home Depot!.’

Courtesy Denise DeMara Haight

I must have looked like an idiot pushing the cart through the checkout crying like a baby! Thank-You so much to Gary & Lorel as well as Gene, Laura and Don who built the mailbox!

If you want to send Cameron some mail, I will make sure he receives it!

Courtesy Denise DeMara Haight

Mail can be sent to Cam C/O Denise DeMara Haight 9705 N. Sherman Rd. Frederic, MI. 49733

Courtesy Denise DeMara Haight

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