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There were a lot of stories coming out of yesterday’s Warriors parade.
There were a lot of stories coming out of yesterday’s Warriors parade.
But to me this was one of the most touching.
It’s both heartbreaking and hopeful.

This is Keoni Nunes.
He and his family are huge Warriors fans.

Exactly two years ago today Keoni’s dad Justin was walking up the stairs outside Oracle arena for game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Cavaliers.

All of a sudden he collapsed and died from a blood clot in his lungs.
He was 35 years old.

(The 2nd picture is Justin on the same stairs during game 1 of the series. It’s one of the last pictures of him alive)

As you can imagine it’s been a tough road for Keoni.
But yesterday he was all smiles with his aunt Dana at the parade.
(That's her with a worn out Keoni taking Bart home in the 3rd pic)

Dana says:
“The best way to honor my brother was taking Keoni to the parade today... thanks to the Dubs for NO GAME 5 this year!
We talk about his dad a lot and he knows how proud his dad is of him and that he’s smiling down on us all every day.”

Dana also wanted to share that 4th picture of Keoni holding a teddy bear.
It was taken after the Warriors beat the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals.

Dana told me that inside that Teddy Bear are some of his dad’s ashes.

This story is a reminder that basketball is just a game.
At the same time it’s so cool to see how a "game" continues to help Keoni deal his dad’s death.

I hope in some way the Warriors players know that.
I hope in some way that they understand that what they are doing on the court is making a huge difference in a 12 year old boy's life


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