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What a great day for the Bay Area and especially Oakland.
What a great day for the Bay Area and especially Oakland.
Hundreds of thousands of people in downtown Oakland today for the Warriors parade.

And how about this picture?
Step Curry getting off his bus and walking up to the crowd carrying the NBA trophy.

It seems like the best decision the Warriors ever made was to trade Monta Ellis and go with Step Curry.
Remember how unpopular that was?
But look at them now.

Honestly, I’ve run out of things to say about this team.
Especially when you compare them to the Cavaliers.

As great as LeBron James is, let’s be honest it’s LEBRON JAMES and then the rest of the team.

But on the Warriors, they are a pure TEAM.
And we’ve seen the results.

I’m just bummed that they are moving to SF (hey I live in Oakland).

At the same time I get it.
Oracle is tiny and outdated.
And their new arena is going to be amazing.


Do me a favor please share your pictures of the parade in the comment section.

I‘d really like to see them and I’m sure everyone else would too.

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