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“Hi, I’m Paul.”
“Hi, I’m Paul.”

What are the chances?

A man named Lance Mancuso and his cousin Clive Langley were visiting Liverpool.

They were posing for a picture in front of a barbershop on Penny Lane when Paul McCartney appeared out of nowhere.

Penny Lane was the name of a famous Beatles song.
And people who work on the street say it’s very rare for Paul McCartney to show up there.

Clive Langley told the Daily Mail:

“We couldn't believe it.
Paul McCartney walks out of the barbershop and says 'Hi, I'm Paul', as if we didn't know who he was.”

And Lance Mancuso said McCartney was “very cool” and “very gracious and had a nice handshake.”

McCartney was there filming something for James Corden’s show.

Something similar happened to our reporter Rob Roth.
McCartney was in SF for a concert.

Rob was in Golden Gate Park when all of a sudden McCartney rode up on a bike and as I recall asked Rob for directions.

Again what are the chances?

I know so many people have a story and/or picture of meeting a celebrity.

If you do please share it in the comment section.
It makes for a really interesting thread.

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