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This is really impressive.
This is really impressive.
The CHP today saved this man from jumping off the Bay Bridge.

Officers were first called after the man was seen walking on the shoulder of the bridge.

Here’s what the CHP says happened next:

The man continued to walk away from Officer Ribergaard and began pointing a large stick at him.

Officer Ribergaard opted to follow the man at a safe distance until additional units could arrive.

When other CHP units came on scene the subject suddenly walked to the concrete bridge railing and swung both his legs over the side as though to jump off the bridge.

All of the officers on the scene had Crisis Intervention Training and designated Officer Ribergaard to be the only person to speak with the man.

The other officers then backed away to a safe distance.

Officer Ribergaard continued to talk to the man who was sitting on the railing.

Initially he received no response but eventually gained compliance from the man and he peacefully surrendered.

The man was taken into custody and has been taken for a mental health evaluation.

Fortunately no use of force was necessary and there were no injuries.

---CHP San Francisco

This comes on the same day that the CDC reported that the suicide rate has gone up in every state except Nevada.

The numbers are incredible.
In 2016, 45,000 people took their own lives in the U.S.
That’s 123 people taking their lives every single day.

Suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death.

And it’s the second leading cause of death among people who are 15-34 years old.

Every time I do a post on suicide, I’m always stunned by how many people either know someone who took their life, or they’ve either tried it or considered it.

Please just know this.
As bad as it may be for some of you, your life still matters.

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