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I’ve posted several times about some of the disgusting things that people find on Bart trains.
I’ve posted several times about some of the disgusting things that people find on Bart trains.
Things like needles or people shooting up.

Brett Fontain sent me this.
But I was surprised because what he wrote about this picture was completely different from what I was expecting.

I’m guessing some people will agree with him.
And many others will disagree.
But I think it’s an important conversation to have.

Here’s what he wrote me:

Just watched a police officer wake up a homeless man who was passed out on the priority seating area.

The officer came onboard the train and woke the man wrapped in an old, dirty grey blanket.

The man got up, reached in his pocket... pulled out a bart ticket with today’s date.

The police officer then exited the train and walked off.
The women who called the police on him (middle-aged/privileged) was appalled at the officers lack of action.

What was the officer supposed to do?
Prove the man shouldn’t be in the priority seating area?
Hold up everyone on their commute into the city?
Pull him off and detain him?
For what, sleeping?

This situation changed my mind.

We don’t know their situation.
We also can’t kick off a paying customer for nodding off.

Being homeless isn’t a crime.
It’s a problem that we tend to turn our eyes from.
Enjoy your commute everyone.

---Brett Fontaine

I don’t ride Bart that often.
The times I have been on Bart though, I’ve had no issues.

But I’m curious what people who ride Bart every day think about what Brett is saying.

Also if you have stories and/or pictures, good or bad, about riding Bart please feel free to share them.

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