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Long-Lost Photo Of Prince Philip Reveals Why Queen Has Such A Soft Spot For Prince Harry



Royal photographer Chris Jackson may have finally solved where the ginger prince gets his looks from, and it’s not from where you may expect.

Many look at Prince Harry’s family and wonder where he gets his ginger hair from.

A recently unearthed magazine holds the answer to the question we have all been wondering.

Jackson shared an image of the 1957 edition of the magazine Paris Match on Instragram with a throwback picture of a bearded member of the royal family.

That’s when the stunning resemblance became apparent.

Prince Philip is the longest-serving royal consort having been by the side of Queen Elizabeth II since they married in 1947.

The couple met when she was just 13-years-old while he was serving in active duty. During the second world war, Philip served with the Mediterranean and Pacific fleets.

After obtaining permission to marry the future queen of England, he abandoned his Greek and Danish royal titles to become a naturalized British subject.

He and Elizabeth have four children, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchilden.

An old photograph has been unearthed that has people doing a double-take at the resemblance his family has.

“Spotted this handsome chap on the front of an ancient copy of Paris Match in deepest, darkest France – who do you think it is?!” Jackson captioned his post.

People were stunned at the resemblance between the young Prince Philip, who would have been 36-years-old in the image, and his grandson Prince Harry, currently 32-years-old.

The cover shows the Duke of Edinburgh in his navy uniform with a full red beard, a rare sight for the typically clean shaven royal.

“No wonder the Queen is so fond of Harry. He reminds her of her husband, Prince Phillip,” one follower commented.

With matching blue eyes, red hair and similar cheeky smiles, don’t you think the two have a stunning resemblance?


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