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Yikes... this is embarrassing.
Yikes... this is embarrassing.

The pace car at the Indy Car race in Detroit spun and crashed into a wall during one of the pace laps.
This was BEFORE the race had even started.

I’ve been a racing fan since I was a kid and I don’t remember ever seeing that happen.

Making matters even worse is that the pace car was a Corvette ZR1.
It’s made by GM which is headquartered in Detroit!

The driver is a GM executive.
He’s driven a pace car before so he knows what he’s doing.
Somehow he just lost control.
I feel so bad for the guy.

All I can think about is that commercial where the announcer says at the end: “Want to get away?”

After the race, the Chairman of the Detroit Grand Prix said the driver was "obviously disappointed in what happened."

Yup.... I’m guessing he probably is.

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